Dr. Al Khanif (Director)
S.H. (University of Jember), M.A. (Gadjah Mada University), LL.M. (Lancaster University), Ph.D. (SOAS)
Email: al_khanif@unej.ac.id

Al Khanif graduated from School of Law the University of Jember Indonesia in 2003 prior to pursuing his Master Degree at the Center for Religious and Cross Cultural Studies Gadjah Mada University Indonesia in 2004. In 2007, he received Chevening Scholarship from FCO United Kingdom to study LLM in International Human Rights Law and Humanitarian Law at Lancaster University. He received PhD in law from School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) University of London with Thesis titled “Protecting Religious Minorities within Islam in Indonesia: A Challenge for International Human Rights Law and Islamic Law”. He has also been appointed as a chairperson of the Indonesian Consortium for Human Rights Lecturers (SEPAHAM) Indonesia since 2017 until 2019.



Designation     :  Assistant Professor
Qualification   :  MA (Gadjah Mada), LLM (Lancaster), PhD (SOAS)
School                :  Faculty of Law, University of Jember
Research           :  Centre for Human Rights, Multiculturalism, and Migration
Email                  :  al_khanif@unej.ac.id

Areas of Expertise
Human Rights Law
Islamic Law
International Law

Courses Taught
Human Rights Law
International Law
Comparative Constitutional Law
Islamic Law

Selected Books and Journal Articles

Al Khanif, 2020. “Religious Minorities, Islam and the Law: International Human Rights and Islamic Law in Indonesia”, London: Routledge.

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Selected Newspaper Articles
The Jakarta Post: 2016, Blaspheming Religion vs. Blaspheming Humanity, 23 December, online
The Jakarta Post: 2016, Defending Pancasila to Protect Indonesian Pluralism, 1 June, online
The Jakarta Post: 2015, Indonesia Doesn’t to Further Blasphemy Law, 16 January, online
The Jakarta Post: 2015, Rohingya: The Problem of Minority Groups, 27 May, online
The Jakarta Post: 2015, Questioning a Theistic Secular Pancasila to Protect Religions, 1 June, online
The Jakarta Post: 2015, Tolikara: Majority – Minority Ties and Its Discontent, 25 July, online
The Jakarta Post: 2015, NU Must Deal with Members Persecution of Minorities, 5 August, online
The Jakarta Post: 2015, The Paradox of Religious Intolerance in Indonesia, 16 October, online
The Jakarta Post: 2015, Challenging and Asserting Human Rights, 10 December
Republika, 2014, Gaza Membelah Dunia, 4 August, online
IslamNusantara, 2015, Islam Nusantara Solusi NU Hadapai Masa Depan, 31 August, online

Presenting Papers

2017, Presenting Paper on “Judicial Review on Blasphemy Law and the Future of Minority Religions in Indonesia” at Asian Law Institute Uniting Force, Manila 18-19 Mei.

2016. Presenting Paper on “Human Rights in Indonesia” at Human Rights Academy by Centre for Public Policy and Good Governance Thammasat University Thailand, 7 October.

2016. Presenting Paper on “Judicial Review on Blasphemy Law and The Future of Minority Religions in Indonesia” in International Symposium on Managing Diversity and Fostering Harmony, Jakarta.

2016. Presenting Paper on “The Discontent of Majority – Minority Ties in a Quasi Theistic Secular Indonesia”, in Post-Reformasi Indonesia: The Challenges of Social Inequalities and Inclusion, 6th International Symposium of Jurnal Antropologi Indonesia, Jakarta.

2015. Presenting Paper on “Legal (Dis)integration: Examining the Status of Islamic Law in Indonesian Human Rights Law”, Symposium on Asian Comparative Law, SOAS University of London.

2014. Presenting Paper on “Religious Radicalism in Indonesia” in Religious Radicalism in Southeast Asia, House of Lords, UK Parliament London.

Other Academic Experiences

Visiting Scholar, Centre for Asian Law Studies (CALS) National University of Singapore, February – March 2019

Amicus Curiae, Judicial Review on the Recognition of Indigenous Religion, Constitutional Court of Indonesia, 2019.

Consultant, Human Rights Action Plan in Bondowoso District, 2016-2017

Participant, International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) on Democracy and Pluralism, USA, July-August 2011.

Participant, International Workshop on Maximizing Migration Benefit (M2B), Jakarta Indonesia.

Participant, International Workshop on Democracy in Indonesia and Malaysia, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur 1-3 June 2016.
Consultant, Islamic School Support Network, British Council Indonesia, 2009.