Bahjah Ayu Bakta, S.H (Research Assistant)
Faculty of Law, University of Jember
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I am graduate student from university of Jember, law Faculty. I am particularly interested in human rights towards armed conflict in Somalia. I have developed my research and writing skills as a research assistant in The Centre for human rights multiculturalism and migration.

University of Jember | Faculty of Law

  • Internship Student; Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia currently at Directorate General of Legal Affairs and International Treaties | 2017
  • Paper presenter for 4th International Student Conference on

Humanity Issues (2018)

  • Paper Presenter for I-COFFEES International Conference on Fundamental Rights (2018)
  • Forum Indonesia Muda 20 (2018)


  • Public speaking
  • Team Management
  • Communication and networking

Organization experience

  • Secretary for Forum Kajian Keilmuan Hukum (FK2H) Faculty of Law, University of Jember | 2015
  • Education Committe for Ikatan Mahasiswa Hukum Tata Negara | 2016
  • Training Para Legal by Badan Pelayanan dan Bantuan Hukum | 2017
  • Training Jurnalistik Tingkat Lanjut, UKPKM Tegalboto | 2017
  • Training Pemantauan dan Peninjauan Regulasi oleh Parlemen, Westminster Foundation for Democracy | 2019
  • AJAR Summer Course “Foundation for Peace: An Introduction to Human Rights and Transitional Justice in Asia Contexts | 2019
  • Coordinator Campaigner of Ayo Minum Amir (AMIR) Danone, East Java Region | 2019