CINDY CLAUDIA PUTRI (Research Assistant and Journal Officer)

UNEJ Faculty of Social and Political Science



Cindy Claudia Putri has been active in several students organization also a former intern at University of Jember’s International Office. She is interested in Foreign Policy studies especially in East Asia and South America region.



Organization Experience

-Member of youth volunteering community (volunteen) at Bina Antarbudaya Foundation (Official partner of AFS and YES program) Chapter Malang, 2014-2015

-HIMAHI (International Relations Student Association) the University of Jember as PSDM (Human Resources Development) Division specifically in Academic Potential Development, 2017

-Model United Nation’s consultant for UNEJ MUN Club and a former secretary general for UNEJ MUN, 2017

-Several K-pop (4 Ace and Rising star) and J-pop (Tobbaco no aidoru) Dance Cover Community member in Jember, 2016-now


Capable of working in a team

Negotiating and language proficiency

Planning management


Working Experience
-International Office, University of Jember, 2018-2019 Participating in University of Jember 4th International Cultural Camp (UJICC) 2018 Coordinator of Buddies in Culture Immersion Batch Five with university of San Carlos, 2018 and International Student exchange in association with Prefectural University of Hiroshima, 2019

-Village Coordinator  for University of Jember Community Service programme batch 2, 2019


-1st winner for Dance cover at 16th Bunkasai held by Japan Foundation, 2014

-2nd Winner for Dance cover at 17th Bunkasai, 2015

-1st winner for Dance cover at Minna no matsuri held by University of Brawijaya, 2015

-Selected representative for International relations major at PSNMHII , 2017

-Honorable Mention at Surakarta International MUN, 2017

-Head Chair of UNEJ MUN 2.0, 2018

-Co-chair of UNEJ MUN 3.0, 2019