What we do?

The programmes at the Centre for Human Rights, Multiculturalism, and Migration (CHRM2) reflect the breadth and depth of academic enquiry and practical experience which focus on the areas of human rights, multiculturalism, and migration.

Through the programmes, we also bridge and facilitate early-career scholars to interact with leading scholars and practitioners at the forefront of these focus areas and contribute to new knowledge.

In order to formulate the aims above, CHRM2 regularly conduct academic activities such as conferences, seminars, workshops, and field researches. Annual conference on human rights is held as the Southeast Asian Forum for discussing contemporary human rights issues.

The programmes at CHRM2 have the intentions to provide a publication for papers in a peer-reviewed edited with an academic press. We support authors who are eager to produce a substantial research with the purpose to escalate the publication. We publish journals, books, and reports.

CHRM2 builds and mantains collaboration with other institutions. The Centre aims to transform the way thinking of knowledge in this rapidly globalising world that meets the ideals of justice and the standards of human rights.

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