The Centre for Human Rights, Multiculturalism, and Migration (CHRM2) organises annual conference by inviting renowned scholars, practitioners, and policymakers. The Centre has successfully conducted the first conference in International Workshop 2016 titled “State, Constitutionalism, and Citizenship in Southeast Asia. In 2017, CHRM2 invites world-renowned academicians, practitioners, and policymakers to submit their papers in Summer Conference 2017 with theme “Human Rights in Southeast Asia: Are We Moving Backward?. The Conference will be held at the University of Jember on 11-13 August 2017.

CHRM2 also promotes seminar series and public lectures at the University of Jember. Throughout these programmes, we invite renowned scholars and experienced practitioners to deliver lectures to students at the University. The aim of the programmes is to enrich and exchange novel ideas in the context of human rights, law, social science and economics amidst the current complex changing world.