Mina Chiang (Research Fellow)
Research Fellow
Email: yumin.mina.chiang@gmail.com
LinkedIn: Mina Chiang

My interest focuses on human rights, poverty, and modern slavery. Throughout the past 5 years, I have conducted projects and academic research in some most impoverished African countries. I have a background in engineering,sociology, anthropology, and international development.


I have achieved straight A’s in all undergraduate social science subjects, and received several distinctions for my personal papers in my master degree. I am confident with both qual. and quant. (basic Stata,Python, and C++) research. I have conducted 20+ interviews with post-war indigenous groups in Sierra Leone, 20+ interviews with the educational sector in Kenya (where our assessment report paved the way for the establishment of the educational team); 10+ interviews with Israeli holocaust survivors, Israel-Lebanon war soldiers, and Palestinians from Gaza, West Bank, and Syria.

Proposal Writing and persuasion
I have succeeded to write proposals and pitch for various programmes to attract funding. I led teams in 2013, 2015, 2016 to gain funding of US$ 60,000+ per year for educational projects in Sierra Leone and Tanzania. I co-founded the first Model United Nations delegation team in my university and participated in the conferences in Melbourne. I attracted US$ 40,000+ individually for my previous employer in Tanzania. I convened investigators, researchers, and development practitioners and created a research consortium for applying a Thailand Business-sector research project in seafood slavery by Humanity United.

Writing and translating (Chinesse-English)
I write a column of the anthropological observations of East Africa for a Taiwanese magazine, and blogs for IDS. I worked as an interpreter for Tnuva (the biggest Israeli food cooperation), Netafim (drop irrigation company), and various startups and businesses in Israel and Tanzania.

Project managing in a complex environment
I have managed diverse stakeholders including government agencies, private sectors, donors, and educational sectors. I am familiar with multi-tasking and working under tight time frame.


Indipendent Consultant (2018-now)
– Provide analysis and case study of Transitional Justice in Taiwan for Asian Justice and Rights (AJAR)
– Conduct literature review of human rights violation in the fishing industry for Seafood Slavery Risk Tool (SSRT)

Project officer at Marian University College, Bagamoyo, Tanzania (2016-2017)
– Provided a range of project accountability and management functions in support of the Planning and Development Office and in close collaboration with the director of the Marian Projects.
– Developed and maintained key donor relationships; fundraised individually for more than US$ 40,000 for the
scholarship fund, laboratory equipment, and community development projects.
– Worked directly with local teams to ensure the effective delivery and programmatic excellence of the community development projects, including educational, agricultural, and healthcare.
– Learnt Swahili within 3 months.

Coordinator (contractor) at NTHU Tanzania ICT Volunteer Team, Tanzania (2015-2016)
– Stakeholder management including Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, university administration, donors,
Tanzania Tax and Revenue Authority (TRA), Tanzanian bureaucrats, and Tanzanian school administration.
– Coached 10+ Taiwanese students yearly; managed US$ 60,000+ fund yearly; supported ICT capacity building
for 1000+ Tanzania teachers and students yearly.
– Mediated shipments of 100 computers to Tanzania yearly; mediated transportation, meals, and accommodation
across 7 Tanzanian school annually.

Partner/Volunteer/Fundraising Representative at Amnesty International, Taiwan (2013 – 2015)
– Prepared weekly Human Rights course for 3 semesters (Hired by the university and cooperated with AI Taiwan.)
– Participated in AI street advocacy and credit card fundraising with the top record in the team.
– Facilitated 2 annual Human Rights advocacy events with NTHU students in the campus.

Researcher employed by Taiwan African International Service Association, Kenya (Aug. – Sep. 2014)
– Designed and implemented surveys of educational quality and impact of ICT education in 12 Kenyan schools;
report submitted led to the establishment of one Taiwanese international volunteer team to Kenya in 2015.

Summer intern in the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF), Taiwan (July – Aug. 2014)
(The only professional international development agency in Taiwan)
– Developed research plans assessing accountability and efficiency of ICDF across 4 countries in Central America.
– Drafted analytical reports for 5 business trips focused on the implementation of Social Enterprises.

Team leader in NTHU Sierra Leone Volunteer Team, Sierra Leone (Jan. – Sep. 2013)
– Pioneered community development participatory project with a high school to its nearby indigenous village.
– Conducted ICT education in 3 Sierra Leone schools for 100+ local teachers in Freetown, Kenema, and Bo.


– Won the debate on Free Trade after one-week workshop training (beating Executive Director and UN Assistant
Secretary-General, ITC – International Trade Centre https://goo.gl/ii5mfc (2017)
– Rotary Scholar with full scholarship (USD 42,000) (2017)
– Blogger for the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) https://goo.gl/BxfzEZ (2017)
– Columnist for Crown Magazine writing on the anthropological analysis on East Africa culture https://goo.gl/Y99AAT 
Columnist for the online media CROSSING writing on international development. https://goo.gl/zBirYK 2017
– Intern in the largest Israeli Entrepreneur Center StarTAU (Education and Accelerator Department) 2016
– Interpreter for Tnuva (the biggest Israeli food cooperation) and Netafim (drop irrigation company) 2015 – 2016
– First NTHU delegation to 2013 World Model United Nation in Melbourne, Australia, participating in the World
Bank Group committee, negotiating social policies on Fragile State. 2013
– Awarded Outstanding Leader Scholarship by NTHU (2015, 2016; USD 3,200 per year); awarded Young College
Elite of 2014; awarded full-scholarship founded by Applied Materials for the Silicon Valley Youth Trip (2011).
– Volunteering experience: disabled children, homeless community, and after-school tutoring for the vulnerable.


MA Development Studies, Institute of Development Studies (Full-scholarship), United Kingdom (2017 –2018)
– Provisional Dissertation: ‘What perpetuates Modern Slavery in the Asian Distant Water Fishery? A Systemic
Analysis: the Case of Taiwan’
– Taking classes: Economics, Impact Evaluation, Social Protection, and Public Policy.
– Essays: ‘Critical Review on The Economic Lives of the Poor’; ‘When does Economic Growth Reduce Poverty?
The Case of Taiwan from 1965 to 1990’; ‘Impact Evaluation of the Haiti Social Protection Program’ (All graded
as Distinction)
BSc Engineering and System Science, National Tsing-Hua University (NTHU), Taiwan (2011 – 2016)
– Minor in BA Interdisciplinary Program of Humanities and Social Sciences with straight A’s.
– Classes taken include sociology, anthropology, economics, quantitative and qualitative research, and statistics